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An infection is the most serious complication you can develop in a wound. Infections prevent healing, cause further tissue damage, and can spread to cause skin and bone infections. The team at Wound Evolution in Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas, and Overland Park, Kansas, focus on preventing infections when possible and providing individualized and advanced treatment when infected wounds develop. Don’t wait to get help for infected wounds. Call or use online booking to schedule an appointment today.

Infected Wounds Q&A

What causes a wound infection?

In most cases, wound infections develop due to bacteria. The bacteria may come from your skin, other parts of your body, or the outside environment. 

What complications develop due to infected wounds?

In addition to interfering with wound healing and potentially turning an acute wound into a chronic wound, untreated infected wounds may lead to:


Cellulitis occurs when a wound infection spreads to the deeper layers of your skin. 


Osteomyelitis develops when the infection spreads to the nearby bones. A bone infection may lead to impaired circulation in the bone, bone death, and septic arthritis.


Sepsis is an immune reaction that occurs when an infection spreads into your bloodstream. This condition is severe and life-threatening.

What increases my risk of infected wounds?

Health conditions that increase your risk of wound infection include:

  • Diabetes
  • Poor circulation
  • Obesity
  • Malnutrition
  • Limited mobility
  • Suppressed immune system

Overall hygiene also makes a difference. You’re more likely to develop infected wounds when you fail to keep the wound clean and covered with the appropriate dressing.

What symptoms indicate I have an infected wound?

When an infection develops, you experience body-wide symptoms such as fever, fatigue, muscle aches, and nausea. Infected wounds also cause pain. However, the most obvious signs appear in the wound.

You’ll notice signs such as warm skin around the wound, an unpleasant odor, and yellow or greenish discharge. If the infection starts to spread from the wound, you’ll see red streaks around the area.

How are infected wounds treated?

The team at Wound Evolution - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine begins by performing a comprehensive evaluation, including reviewing your medical history, a physical exam, diagnostic imaging if needed, and lab tests.

Your wound is closely examined to determine the type, severity, and size of the wound and to look for signs of an infection.

Treatment for infected wounds includes a combination of wound cleansing, wound debridement, topical or oral antibiotics, and the appropriate dressing for the type of wound. Wound Evolution may use an antimicrobial dressing, which uses silver technology to fight bacteria and other microorganisms.

Nutrition and hydration are also important parts of your treatment for an infected wound. Your body’s healing process demands more than the recommended daily intake of calories, protein, and nutrients. The team may recommend dietary changes or supplements.

To receive exceptional care for infected wounds, call Wound Evolution - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine or book an appointment online today.