If you live with a vein-related disease like chronic venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis, compression therapy can support your veins and increase circulation in your legs. At Wound Evolution in Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas, and Overland Park, Kansas, the team of wound care specialists use compression therapy to encourage recovery and promote mobility. To schedule an appointment, call or book online today.

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What is compression therapy?

Compression therapy is a noninvasive treatment that uses specially designed socks or stockings to promote healthy blood flow. To achieve the best results from compression therapy, you change into your socks each morning, only removing them before going to bed at night.

Throughout the day, the stockings prevent blood from pooling in your veins. This improves circulation in your lower body and prevents your legs, feet, and ankles from swelling.

How does compression therapy work?

Compression therapy uses prescription stockings to ease uncomfortable symptoms associated with venous disease. The stockings place light pressure on your legs, which supports your veins and improves circulation. 

The stockings provide graduated compression. This places the greatest amount of pressure on your ankles. As the garment runs up your leg, the pressure gradually decreases. When combined with the pumping action of your calf muscles, compression therapy results in healthy circulation.

What conditions can compression therapy treat?

Compression therapy is incredibly versatile. Wound Evolution uses it to assist patients who experience one or more of the following issues:

  • Leg injuries
  • Leg surgery
  • Excessive weight gain or obesity
  • Prolonged periods of bed rest
  • Blood clots
  • Diabetes
  • Venous insufficiency

You might also benefit from compression therapy if you experience poor blood flow to your legs due to a heart-related condition.

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How long does it take for compression therapy to work?

Compression therapy doesn’t provide results overnight. It usually takes several days to a week to notice a significant reduction in swelling. 

Make sure to wear your compression garments every day. You should also attend all follow-up appointments so the team at Wound Evolution can monitor your progress over time. 

Am I a good candidate for compression therapy?

Only a qualified wound care specialist can determine if you’ll benefit from compression therapy. During your first appointment, the team at Wound Evolution - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine conducts a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle. After gathering this information, your provider develops a custom treatment plan.

If you qualify for compression therapy, they can tell you what pressure grade you should buy. Your provider can also recommend an authorized vendor that can provide custom measurements and education regarding treatment. To learn more about compression therapy, schedule an appointment at Wound Evolution - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. Call or book online today.

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