Infections occur when germs, bacteria, or other microorganisms make their way into the body. While some types of infections can be managed at home, a tissue infection requires the assistance of a medical professional. At Wound Evolution, our wound care providers can help you manage your tissue infection. We also perform clinical labs that will be used as a roadmap for the diagnosis and treatment of your tissue infection. The wound care specialists at Wound Evolution in Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Texas, and Overland Park, Kansas, offer a range of advanced therapies, including tissue management and labs. If you are experiencing a tissue infection, contact one of our offices today.

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Types of Tissue Infections

Tissue infections can be caused by bacteria entering a wound or break in the skin. When bacteria enter through a break in the skin, they can grow beneath the surface and cause an infection. These infections can be managed using antibiotics or antifungal treatments, or other methods. In some cases, tissue infections can be more severe and cause the surrounding tissue to die. If you are experiencing a tissue infection, it is important to have it evaluated by professionals who can help manage your symptoms and provide proper care.

Tissue Infection Treatment 

There are several ways to treat or manage a tissue infection. The exact steps taken to manage an infection will depend on the cause, severity, and location. Some of the methods used by Wound Evolution include:

  • Antibiotics or antifungal treatments: These treatments may come in the form of an oral pill or a topical cream and can help fight the source of the infection. 
  • Removal of infected tissue: In order to stop the infection from spreading, some infected tissue may need to be removed. This is performed through a treatment known as medical debridement.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: This treatment allows you to take in pure oxygen, which can help stimulate the body’s natural healing process. 

Medical Labs for Tissue Infections

In many cases, a medical lab is used for tissue infection treatment and diagnosis. To perform a lab a small sample of tissue or cells is taken and analyzed in a lab. This can help your provider answer the following questions:

  • Diagnosis - What is the cause of the tissue infection?
  • Prognosis - How far along is the tissue infection? Is it affecting any of the surrounding areas?
  • Prevention - Are there ways to prevent the infection from spreading or returning?
  • Treatment - What is the best way to treat the infection?

Why Choose Wound Evolution?

The team at Wound Evolution - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine offer specialized wound care. Our staff will work to understand the cause of your tissue infection and develop a specialized treatment program to help manage your symptoms and ensure you find relief.

If you are experiencing a tissue infection, call Wound Evolution - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine or book an appointment online today.

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